“...Your studio brought me peace, friendship, and so much more, and I will always cherish it and you. You have touched so many people, your positivity and generosity are what make you such a wonderful friend.!”

- Leigh

“...You are truley inspiring!”

- Debbie

“...Thank you for introducing me to yoga”

- Mary

“...You are an inspiration”- Rozy

“...Thank you for doing your part to

make this a better place!”- CP

“...Your studio was one of my

favorite places!”- Marlene

“...your studio was one of the best

I have experienced!”- Jim

“...I couldn’t be prouder of you.

A true woman warrior: fearless, beautiful and living your truth and uniting community.

CONTINUE TO LEAD ON – the rest have already followed…

- Renee

“...Thank you for sharing your beautiful Light and the joys of yoga with all of us”

- Barbara

“...Yoga Bliss embodies who she truly

is...which is pure love and grace!  Stacey

has blessed me in so many ways over the

years, which I am so grateful for! I look

forward to watching her create her new

set of dreams, hopes and visions. Catch

one of her classes if you can. Much love

to you, Stacey! Thank you for being so courageous and authentic!!!!!”- Terry