Class Descriptions


Meditative Yin 

An Intimate semi – private practice to take you away from the day for a deep look into body and mind…This 60 min session begins with a pranayama practice followed by about 10 yin poses held for 3-6 minutes and completed with a meditation. The benefits of the practice will sweep you into a deeper journey to your inner self. Transformation has taken place and you’re left with a clean slate to return to your life. Any level of practice is welcome to join.


Tune In Tune Out

The first thing is to sign into class…Tune In. The second is to show up…Tune Out. In this session we will flow dynamically with a familiar Vinyasa to reconnect to what you love…Your Body & Your Breath…Tune In. Conclude with a core blast and Tune Out to Sivsana…LOVE your free mind. This session does require some experience in Vinyasa as it moves. (Not Recommended for Beginners)


Yoga Completes Me

The only thing that can complete you is you! The practice of yoga will help you find this path that always leads you back home to the inner self. In this session we will explore all the parts of yourself that you deny connection. We will tap in deeply with both the stillness and movement of asana exploring ourselves from head to toe. Some general yoga practice is helpful, however beginners are more than welcome.


Yoga Triple Play

3 Styles of yoga covered in one session. Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation. Meditation length will depend on length of session. For example a 60-minute session is Vin/25 Yin/25 Med/10. Open Level Practice


Flow Into Bliss

90 Minute Session 60 Minutes of my Power Flow 30 minutes of my Yin...Exhilarating practice for all levels (not recommended for Beginners)


Power Express

A 45 Minute Vinyasa Experience...IN & OUT...DONE


Package - Recommended

4 Sessions $100 

8 Sessions $185   

May be used towards any open semi-private session on the schedule from 30-90 minutes. May not be used towards workshops or special programs. NO Expiration date.

Pay by the Session

$25 for 30 & 45 minute sessions

$30 for 60 minute sessions

$35 for 75& 90 minute sessions

OPEN Semi-Private Session Fees

These may be used for any open session on the schedule posted

Packages May Be Shared With Anyone Of Your Choice And NEVER EXPIRE!